Review: Preacher Ep 212 – On Your Knees

Graham McTavish as The Saint of Killers – Preacher _ Season 2, Episode 12 – Photo Credit: Michele K. Short/AMC/Sony Pictures Television

Preacher Ep 212 – On Your Knees

The Saint of Killers makes his triumphant return in On Your Knees, the penultimate episode of this season of Preacher. Flashing back to when Jesse trapped the Cowboy in the swamp, we get to see Hell’s hitman in happier times before his decent into Hell. After the heartwarming flashbacks, we jump forward to when Hoover and the Grail pull him from the bog and later offer him a deal he simply can’t refuse.

Jesse’s obsession with finding God continues to throw his friendship with Tulip and Cassidy into disarray. Tulip and Cassidy bounce around the idea of leaving New Orleans for Bimini again when Jesse walks through the door asking for a drink. However, their happy reunion is short lived when the Cowboy comes back and all hell breaks loose.

On Your Knees is referenced several times in the episode and speaks to the fact that everyone answers to someone. Whether it’s the Cowboy, Jesse or members of the Grail at some point they all must answer to someone – be it the custodians of Hell, God or Herr Starr. After the Cowboy’s combative return, Starr reveals his plans for Jesse to Cassidy and Tulip. If the quest for God wasn’t enough for them to handle Jesse’s flirtation with becoming the Messiah shakes their friendship to its core.

Meanwhile in Hell Eugene discovers the hard way that some things are predestined. In the pre-title sequence a multitude of scenarios involving Tracy’s death keep repeating no matter how he or Hitler want to change the outcome. Through it all he discovers an inner strength that allows him to try to find a way out of the realm.

Eugene’s need to escape is mirrored by several of the characters that feel trapped in their own way. Starr and the Cowboy are trapped by their sense of duty, Jesse by his pursuit of God and Tulip and Cassidy in a friendship that appears to have no need of them. Ironically Jesse’s faith, which was an unwavering aspect of his personality has faltered and opened the door for him to be manipulated by Starr. With God absent, and what he’s believed in turning out to be a lie, he turns to the one thing he’s always relied on – himself. Accepting that he can be the Messiah the world needs plays perfectly into Starr’s desires but threatens to hold dire consequences for Jesse.

On Your Knees delivers some good action and a resolution of sorts to the Saint of Killers storyline. It also sets the table for some discord on the horizon for the Jesse/Tulip/Cassidy trio and puts Jesse in a precarious position that holds some promise to extend past next week’s finale and into a third season.