Review: Preacher Ep 211 – Backdoors


Preacher Ep 211 – Backdoors

Backdoors, the latest episode of Preacher featured quite a few of them, figuratively and literally. The comically bizarre use of one to conclude the episode will probably be the one that remains in viewers’ minds after the show but there are others that will be of some degree of importance as the series progresses.

Sometimes the best way to confront things is by using a head on approach. However when those methods fail an end around is a worthy tactic. This lesson is taken to heart by Herr Starr and Eugene in different ways and to varying degrees of success.

Although people often try to bury their problems, as is often the case they don’t stay buried for long. Jesse comes face to face with that realization when he decides to come clean with Tulip. The truth about the Cowboy’s final resting place is revealed and Jesse returns to the swamp to haul the armored car he trapped the Cowboy in out of the murky waters. However, much to his and Tulip’s surprise the truck is completely empty.

The suddenly missing Cowboy and Jesse’s dogged determination to find God has frayed the bonds of his friendship with Tulip and Cassidy. After an offhand suggestion to go to Bimini is retracted it is time to break up the band. Cassidy and Tulip tear into Jesse but their protests fall on deaf ears as he becomes mesmerized by Denis’ new pet dog. A dog whistle goes off inside his head sending Jesse back to the underground club with the dude wearing a dog mask from a few episodes ago.

Starr and the Grail have a dilemma now that it’s evident the Messiah is incapable of ushering in a new world order. Their sights are now set on Jesse and his mysterious abilities. Using Featherstone to help drive a wedge between Jesse and Tulip as well as breaking his faith by encouraging Jesse’s apparently fruitless search for God Starr intends to mold Custer into the messiah the world needs.

Meanwhile in Hell, Eugene and the others are tested to see which one of them doesn’t belong in the realm. Looking for a way out, Eugene seeks Hitler’s aid. Hitler mentions a backdoor that he knows and the two of them eventually make their way through it.

Backdoors introduces a figure from Jesse’s past and those who’re familiar with the comic book will really enjoy the fact that his grandmother is now part of the narrative. The walls are closing in on Jesse and with Starr, the Cowboy, Hitler on the loose and his grandmother all potentially part of the mix the preacher’s life has gotten increasingly complicated just in time for Season 2’s final few episodes.