Review: Knight Guardians of Relativity


IMG_20160831_150334_editThere’s a new player on the Canadian comic book scene and it’s courtesy of TITAN1STUDIOS based in Toronto. Knight Guardians of Relativity is a sci-fi tale set in the future that focuses on a group of special individuals tasked with keeping the time line intact. The first issue preview which makes its debut during Fan Expo Canada is based on a sci-fi adventure novel called The Last Time Machine by Gareth R. Roberts.

Created by Roberts and Rathan Moorthy, Knight Guardians of Relativity, or KGOR can be found online at where Titan1Studios has been releasing pages of the preview issue as well as a prologue to the story.

Recovering from the ravages of a fourth world war where time was the super weapon of choice, humanity now exists in six separated city states. The year is 2226 and for humanity to survive, a truce has been brokered banning time travel. The last time traveling device called the Relativity Machine is guarded by a mysterious band of men and women called The Knight Guardians.

Their duty is to prevent anyone from using temporal travel in order to keep the world safe but the threat of war begins to arise once again. To complicate matters one of the Guardians, Aaran Seth, has been brutally murdered. The mystery surrounding the crime leads to more questions and a gathering of the Guardians to help protect the time line and themselves from harm.

Writers Gareth R. Roberts and Taran Chadha have created an engaging narrative that features mystery and action wrapped up neatly in a time traveling/sci-fi package. Roberts and Chadha introduce some of the Guardians via flashbacks and also provide the framework around the do’s and dont’s surrounding time travel. It’s an interesting case of world building and Roberts and Chadha do a good job of mixing science, adventure and human frailty in their script. Abel Garcia’s artwork is solid and Irma Kniivila’s colors compliment the futuristic dystopia the Guardians inhabit.

Knight Guardians of Relativity is an entertaining read and a great start for TITAN1STUDIOS foray into comics. The Canadian publisher is a welcome addition to the landscape and Knight Guardians of Relativity has the potential to stand out among the growing list of comics produced by Canadian publishers now available on the market.


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