Review: Just Toys Fallout 4 Armored Figures


“War. War never changes.”

This is the opening line of most of the new Fallout line of games that are being released from Bethesda. The most iconic images in these games has to be the powered armor that players can access during the game. There are various suits that have their advantages and disadvantages and Fallout 4 changed the way we look at armor. We could not only customize the way the armor looked but also what pieces we could have on our armor. The folks over at Just Toys have released a series of their Megamerge line based off the Fallout 4 license and this review takes a look as they recreate the armors from this beloved series.

There are four suits of armor to choose from and they are the T-45, T-51, T-60 and the X-01. Each of these armors come complete with a weapon ranging from the laser rifles and rocket launchers to machine guns and plasma rifles. What I love about the Megamerge Series is that these pieces can be attached from one figure to another. For example let’s say you played in Fallout 4 in a power armor that was scavenged from parts of T-45 and T-60. You can totally recreate that look here. The secret is they use a peg system that allows you swap parts from not only the other power armors but other figures in the megamerge line as well!

These figures also stand around 4” tall and they look amazingly detailed. You can see all the work that went into making these pint sized powered armors and they are also priced right. The figures retail for $9.99 each and will make a great addition to your Fallout 4 collection. You can get these figures from various retailers (including GameStop) as well as online.

If you love the look of the Fallout 4 powered armor but don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars then these are the figures for you. For more information on this and other toys that they produce head over to and get ready to face the apocalypse.