Review: Into the Badlands 314 – Curse of the Red Rain

Daniel Wu as Sunny, Eugenia Yaun as Kannin – Into the Badlands _ Season 3, Episode 14 – Photo Credit: Aidan Monaghan/AMC

Into the Badlands 314 – Curse of the Red Rain

With the clock ticking on Into the Badlands many of the dangling plot threads are being tied up. Pilgrim’s growing army and the spectre of the Black Lotus have the Badlands in an increased state of turmoil with the inevitable explosion of bloodshed not far off in the future. Curse of the Red Rain pushes things towards that outcome and offers some surprises along the way.

Free of the Black Lotus’ clutches, Sunny, Bajie and Kannin discover that the Master’s sleeping arsenal has now fallen into Pilgrim’s clutches. Realizing that Henry is now in danger, Sunny reasons that they have to get to the monastery and Kannin lets it slip that she knows some secret pathways that could get them across the Badlands undetected. Bajie, forever battling trust issues, isn’t quick to believe her but has to tag along or risk being left behind.

After being underused the last few episodes Moon and Lydia finally get some of the spotlight. The impending battle against Pilgrim’s gifted warriors has everyone on edge, particularly Moon, who has reservations about dying now that Lydia has his heart. For a series that features characters that willingly throw themselves headfirst into skirmishes, its curious to witness several of them hesitating before what is to come. At the top of this list is the Widow, who learns via Cressida that she’s got a l’il widow in her future. Thoughts of what comes after the upcoming war influences not only the Widow’s thought process but others around her as well.

There is plenty of wheeling and dealing in a bid to form alliances before and after the war. Cressida works her magic and goes all Peter Gabriel (an 80’s reference for those of you of a certain vintage) to try and sway Lydia to her side. Playing on the Widow’s past to sow some seeds of doubt, Cressida’s pitch falls on deaf ears and fails to impress Lydia. That decision brings M.K., Pilgrim and his legion to face the Widow and Lydia’s combined forces.

Curse of the Red Rain allows everyone to have a little fun when it comes to showcasing their fighting skills and there are even a few surprises in the multitude of showdowns during the episode’s second half. Pilgrim’s final assault after a particularly explosive defeat is an entertaining fight giving viewers a chance to see Gaius and Moon unleashed while fighting side by side. As mentioned earlier, there are a few surprises and given recent events we’ll have to wait until next episode to see if any of the developments that transpired are truly set in stone.