Review: Into the Badlands 313 – Black Lotus, White Rose

Daniel Wu as Sunny – Into the Badlands _ Season 3, Episode 13 – Photo Credit: Aidan Monaghan/AMC

Into the Badlands 313 – Black Lotus, White Rose 

The chess pieces are moving at a dizzying pace as the events of Black Lotus, White Rose begin to unfold. Before the first commercial break viewers are treated to a family reunion, a resurrection and some rousing words from Pilgrim as he tries to rally the recently awakened wielders of the gift.

A trip down memory lane, courtesy of his once long lost sister, provides Sunny with some answers to his past even as more questions arise. Unfortunately she’s in lockstep with Magnus and the Black Lotus so Sunny finds it difficult to erase any doubts he may have.

Ankara may have been a scoundrel, but her love of Bajie is unquestioned. With her last breath, she summons enough of the gift to heal Bajie of his wounds giving him a chance to race after Sunny and save him from his captors.

Pilgrim’s ploy to re-gift those who once wielded the power seems to be working and as things progress M.K. continues to grow into his new role as third in command. Now more sure of himself than ever, he challenges the Master when he realizes that one of his old friends, Tate isn’t among those that have been restored. Pilgrim steps in before things get out of hand but it soon becomes clear that all is not well with the leader of the resistance.

Black Lotus, White Rose has many surprises from the true nature of Sunny’s past to the Master’s shocking fate. It would seem that the gift is anything but as broken societies, families and dreams lay in its wake. For some time the lines between good and evil have been blurred with the Black Lotus, Pilgrim’s followers and the majority of the main players vacillating between good and evil to the point that one’s perspective is the only thing left to determine who is on the right path.

All of the backstory and tests of loyalty receive their payoff in the final moments of the episode capped off with one of the best choreographed fights of the season so far. The stage is also set for the final war to bring the series to a close. Old constructs are cast aside freeing those held by bonds, real or imaginary, to choose their own destiny. With the series coming to an end it feels as though things have been a bit rushed in the second half of the season. Pacing aside, here’s hoping the buildup has been worth it and that Into the Badlands gets the send off it deserves.