Review: Into the Badlands 309 – Chamber of the Scorpion

Emily Beecham as The Widow – Into the Badlands _ Season 3, Episode 9- Photo Credit: Aidan Monaghan/AMC

Into the Badlands 309 – Chamber of the Scorpion

Into the Badlands returns from its mid-season hiatus with a lot of narrative balls in the air. Compounding the series’ return is the recent news that this season will be its last. With a few episodes remaining there are a lot of threads to tie up and hopefully the writers will be able to give the series a proper send off.

Chamber of the Scorpion begins with the Widow’s homecoming. The Master wants her old pupil back and challenges her to a duel for her freedom. Into the Badlands has always been known for its signature fight choreography and the opening battle doesn’t disappoint. The widow holds her own but suffers a painful defeat and realizes that despite all of her skills there is still much for her to learn.

Meanwhile Sunny continues to gain more insight into his past and Pilgrim’s plan for Azra. Now that Henry has been cured of the gift, it soon becomes apparent that his reunion with his ‘brother’ comes with a multitude of conditions. Bajie remains Pilgrim’s prisoner, Lydia’s life hangs in the balance after the battle with Baron Chau’s forces and Gaius and Tilda search for the Widow.

Pilgrim’s plan to rebuild Azra doesn’t sit well with Sunny who realizes that all of the sweet talk is really a cover for a new war. Things don’t get any better once Pilgrim reveals his Harbingers, a select few of his crew who he’s been able to pass the gift on to. With the means to create an army of gifted fighters, all that Pilgrim needs is to recruit and empower the greatest killer he knows, Sunny himself. Cressida sees the soft spot that Pilgrim has for Sunny and warns him that his feelings cannot jeopardize their plan.

The Master is well aware of Pilgrim and Cressida’s plan and appeals to the Widow that they need each other to help stop them. Theirs is one of many broken relationships and alliances in Chamber of the Scorpion. M.K.’s hatred for Sunny hasn’t faded at all and seems to have grown since his capture. One pair that seems to still have each other’s back is Sunny and Bajie. Bajie, who has matured since his debut in the series, is more often than not the voice of reason. He’s also still got some swagger in combat situations much to Pilgrim’s chagrin.

Chamber of the Scorpion offers a few surprises, a couple of good fight scenes and some intriguing twists. Into the Badlands is still the best looking show on television and the best part about the cliffhanger at the end is that you don’t have to wait for it to be resolved as episode 310 airs tomorrow night.