Review: Godkiller

godkiller-cvrThere comes a time when comics and graphic novels need to be experienced and not just read. Some of the great classics to me have been the Dark Night Returns, 300 and Crawling Sky just to name a few. But what sets apart Godkiller from the rest of the pack? Is this one of the books that is destined for greatness or is it even worthy of your attention?

Godkiller is a cyberpunk / sci-fi / horror tale that takes place in a post-apocalyptic future. In this ruined future in a world that has been invaded by aliens a young orphan boy finds out that his sister needs a new heart. However, finding a new heart for her is not as easy as it seems and he will go through great risk to get this for her. Will he be able to succeed in his quest or will he fall along the wayside succumbing to the many horrors that inhabit this new wasteland? This volume collects the entire story from the Walk Among Us story line and there are more tales to be told in the Godkiller universe.

This book is an amazing read from cover to cover and has a few extras that will keep old and new fans alike entertained. There are a few extra pages of art which range from sketches to other mock-ups of ads and covers. Also included are some photos of people cosplaying some of the characters as well as some pictures of people either wearing merch or posing for the camera. Also included is an exclusive interview with the series creator Matt Pizzolo as he explains what the series is about and how he went about creating it.

This is a perfect jumping on point, especially if you have never heard of the series. I had not until a PDF copy had slid across my virtual desk and when I picked it up I simply had to read it until the end. The story reminds me of a universe similar to Frank Miller’s Ronin where it has a stylized look and feel to it and it makes you want to devour it until its conclusion.

If you love stories set in the future and are a fan of cyberpunk, horror and sci-fi you need to get this book. It has an excellent story that is going to be remembered as one of the classics of this genre. For more information on this and other books head over to and get ready to serve no one.