Review: Fear the Walking Dead Ep. 315: Things Bad Begun

Colman Domingo as Victor Strand, Rubén Blades as Daniel Salazar – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 3, Episode 15 – Photo Credit: Richard Foreman, Jr/AMC

Fear the Walking Dead Ep. 315: Things Bad Begun

There’s a spill in Aisle 9! All joking aside Things Bad Begun does kick off with a shopping cart full of walker heads. Why you say? Well if you were paying attention during last week’s episode then you’d know that the latest, greatest high in the post apocalyptic world comes from a gland inside walker brains. Nick, finding his niche in El Bazar, has hooked up with the local bartender to scavenge walkers for their hallucinogenic treats. It seems the roctors require them because the glands give those who ingest them increased stamina and negate the need for sleep. Looks like there’s a war on the horizon and the proctors are looking for any kind of combat edge they can get.

The proctors are gearing up to attack the dam. Yes, the same dam Madison, Strand and the survivors of the Ranch are headed to. Troy blows the whistle on their plans, alerts Nick and they’re off to warn Madison and the others that something wicked their way comes. It’s strange seeing good guy Troy replace bad guy Troy but it makes him so much more interesting that way.

Characters on Fear the Walking Dead seem to follow the rule of two. For narrative purposes the writers and show runners have taken the ensemble cast and thrown them into a blender to create some interesting combinations. Nick and Troy are now attached at the hip, Alicia and the new girl are doing their best Thelma and Louise and Strand and Madison continue to be the most engaging odd couple on the show.

There’s an obvious chemistry between the two, and devoid of any sexual tension, they probably have the deepest understanding of one another on the show. Their scenes together are always entertaining and only cement their status as partners in crime. When Madison looks out across the vista from atop the Dam she slips into a bit of melancholy. Her kids are gone and her future is barren, like the land before her. Dreams of cooking Christmas turkey and being surrounded by grandkids are unlikely to become reality. Leave it to Strand to deliver some words of wisdom, along with a bottle of scotch to try and raise her spirits.

However, as with all relationships there’s enough left unsaid mixed with a plethora of half-truths to send things into ruin. Strand’s duplicity comes home to roost, Nick’s defense of Troy leads him into a tense confrontation with Daniel that threatens to derail the Dam’s defense against the impending Proctor attack. The truth behind Ofelia’s death eventually pulls back the curtain and

Alicia’s escapades lead her into the lion’s den. After a robbery goes awry she finds herself face to face with the leader of the Proctors. Unaware of the threat his organization poses to those she holds dear she’s forced into an alliance with him.

The final minutes of Things Bad Begun feature an unpredictable, shocking series of events that would make for a great season finale. Alas, there’s one more episode left to wrap up Season 3 – possibly the best season of the show so far.