Review: Fear the Walking Dead Ep. 310: The Diviner

Kim Dickens as Madison Clark, Colman Domingo as Victor Strand – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 3, Episode 10 – Photo Credit: Richard Foreman, Jr/AMC

Fear the Walking Dead Ep. 310 The Diviner

A dip in resources pushes Madison and Walker to work together for the sake of the Ranch. Water is in short supply and with the population getting a recent bump it won’t be long before things become dire. Word of a trading post leads them to leave the Ranch in search of the water necessary to keep everyone alive.

With only six weeks of water left Madison warns Alicia that she and Nick are to get out of Dodge if word of the water shortage causes unrest. Nick is released from the sweatbox after paying his penance but not before seeing visions of Troy dancing in his head. Alicia demonstrates more of her leadership skills when she defends Jake from some of the ranchers after they begin to question the reason for rationing the water. Troy’s crew, now leaderless without their boy wonder, look to Nick to help them keep the militia intact. It seems Nick’s stand has garnered him some serious ranch cred.

It’s comforting to see that free market enterprise is alive and well in the walker apocalypse. Walker and Madison’s foray into the bazar leads them to an old friend – Strand. Trouble seems to follow that dude like Saturday does Friday. In debt to the bazar’s boss, Strand does have some use to Madison and Walker when he reveals the existence of the dam near Tijuana.

Alicia proudly wears her superhero cape in The Diviner. She tries to broker peace between Walker’s people and the ranchers when accusations of double dipping into the water rations come to light. She also berates Nick for his willingness to go along with Troy’s boys after she finds the gun he’s been given. Not only is she the moral compass of the group she’s also inherited some of her mom’s social worker skills. Alicia has the cheat codes on her mom and realizes that even though they love her dearly, expecting that love to be returned in the manner they’d like is a futile pursuit.

The Diviner serves as the back half of a two-episode return from mid-season hiatus for Fear the Walking Dead. Fear, prejudice, desperation and the fight for survival are all explored as the two sides try to figure out how to co-exist. Allegiances are tested but some bonds are hard to break as evidenced by a tender moment between Strand and Madison. A potential new big bad named Proctor, although still unseen is introduced and Madison continues her wheeling and dealing ways to keep things running smoothly. The Diviner ends with a touch of optimism and a long awaited reunion on the horizon. A reunion that can’t come soon enough.