Review: Fear the Walking Dead 514 – Today and Tomorrow

Rubén Blades as Daniel Salazar – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 14 – Photo Credit: Van Redin/AMC

Fear the Walking Dead 514 – Today and Tomorrow

Today and Tomorrow kicks off with a montage of Morgan’s greatest recollections via Althea’s tapes. The short clips offer a glimpse, not only into Morgan’s past but also reveal snippets of what he was like before the world fell into disarray. Those mundane details of what was have little place in the present as the struggle to survive while hanging onto one’s humanity is what dominates the majority of the survivors’ attention.

Althea and Morgan run across a new player on the scene, Tom formerly of Paradise Ridge, when he attempts to help himself to one of their canisters of gasoline. They intercept him but are suddenly forced to hide when some members of the many horse people of the post apocalypse klip-klop on a nearby road. Fortunately they evade detection and before you know it Al has another subject for her video series. Tom reveals he has a sister who is in some form of distress back in Paradise Ridge and also shares some intel on the horse riding group, which if the final moments of last week’s episode are fresh in your mind, foreshadows a lot of future doom and gloom.

Grace and Daniel get to share some screen time and their dynamic is an interesting one. After their truck breaks down they find a safe place to settle down for the evening. During their trek they encounter some walkers and in the process Daniel loses his vinyl records. He intended to pass them onto Charlie and he confesses to Grace that his new outlook on life is because of the young girl’s presence. He also tells Grace to not ignore her feelings for Morgan as it’s evident that there is a bond between them.

Al and Morgan decide to help Tom find his sister and sneak into Paradise Ridge. When one of their trucks from the oil fields arrives at the gate it piques Morgan’s interest. Althea is a little less concerned with how the group ended up with one of their trucks and is more focused on what the connection may be between the group that may have Tom’s sister and Althea’s old flame Isabella’s helicopter flying comrades. After some not so stealthy snooping Al and Morgan finally meet Virginia, the leader of their new adversaries.

Today and Tomorrow uses the fondness of the past and the hope of the future to illustrate how important the present is. Living in the moment, without being burdened by the past actually offers a gateway to a tomorrow that is truly a blank slate. Morgan realizes this too late and as Grace’s illness appears to be getting worse they both fear that they may have missed a chance no matter how short to experience something special.