Review: Fear the Walking Dead 506 – The Little Prince

Danay Garcia as Luciana, Cooper Dodson as Dylan – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 6 – Photo Credit: Van Redin/AMC

Fear the Walking Dead 506 – The Little Prince

There’s nothing like a bit of optimism to bring some sunshine to a cloudy a situation. With a couple of airplanes, albeit damaged ones, and the group almost entirely reformed it appears that there is some hope for Alicia and the rest of the crew to escape the irradiated wasteland they’re trapped in. One of the first steps to bring some normalcy back into his life is Morgan’s bid to replace the staff he lost a few episodes ago. It provides the opportunity for some comic relief and helps to set the tone for the episode.

The Little Prince partly revolves around the group of kids who’ve been roaming the countryside being integrated into the group after their parents’ deaths. While they’re happy for the shelter and old cartoons it’s soon clear that they might not all be willing to leave the area behind. Things get a little more complicated when Grace chimes in that there is the possibility of another meltdown in the near future. Nothing like a ticking clock to raise the narrative stakes.

Meanwhile John and Dwight go on a little road trip and the subject of Sharon’s whereabouts dominate the conversation. John helps Dwight find some perspective and also provides some hope that they will find Sharon and that their relationship may have a second chance. Speaking of second chances, one is extended from the grave to help Strand and Charlie get another shot at fulfilling a promise they made to the others. Felling a little bit of guilt that they weren’t on the plane with the others when it crash landed they struggle to find a way to help their friends. It’s not until Sarah and Charlie realize that Jim’s brewery may hold the key to helping them all that their spirits begin to brighten.

There are more than a few heart to heart conversations in The Little Prince, but none more poignant than the one between Annie and Alicia. The young lady’s revelation as to why she’s so adamant to remain in the area where her parents passed away gives Alicia the chance to share her own experiences with losing her mother. Alicia’s measured words and sage advice shows that she’s matured into a leadership role in the group, whether it be wiping out walkers like an action hero or rallying those around her with pearls of wisdom.

Optimism is a fragile thing. One moment it can seem like there are endless possibilities and in the blink of an eye it can feel like all is lost. The Little Prince balances this pretty well shifting between hope and despair from scene to scene. Whether it’s John’s decision to keep Sharon’s letter from Dwight, Annie and the kids getting out of dodge or Strand and Charlie delivering on their promise there are plenty of times where the fight to keep hope alive is a constant struggle. It makes for good drama though and on that The Little Prince delivered.