Review: Cardinal 405 – Scott

Cardinal 405 – Scott

Cardinal 404 – Scott

The circle surrounding Scott’s intended victims tightens even more in the penultimate episode of Cardinal. With a growing list of bodies left in Scott’s vengeful wake, Cardinal and Delorme race to put an end to his plans. Meanwhile Taj arranges protection for his daughter, Mina and confronts Sheila about the true events from two decades prior that has them in their current predicament.

Cardinal and Delorme’s investigation uncover the past connection between Barry and Sheila, illuminating what might be behind Scott’s ire. The rest of it is revealed in snippets from Scott’s memories as the fateful day gets replayed on a grim loop in his mind.

Delorme’s personal attachment to the case proves difficult for her to handle. The guilt she carries is amplified by Josh’s grief and starts to create some distance between her and Cardinal. Cardinal and Delorme’s relationship, while close carries more unspoken communication than spoken. What becomes clear as Scott’s runtime goes by is just how connected the two are, although not in a way that would appear most obvious. When Cardinal’s daughter arrives to check up on him it’s evident that Cardinal is at the end of a road that foreshadows Delorme’s future – one where they are unable to let go of a job that will consume them in the end.

Interestingly Scott highlights the fallout of big business vs conservation and being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Scott’s relationship with the late Rebecca Bailey puts them in an area of the Agimak forest where everything went wrong. Opposing ideals collide followed by corrupt cops, injustice and two decades of wrongful imprisonment to set Scott on his current path.

Cardinal’s run of dreams continue in this episode. His late night visit with the Sandman is a curious one with him more exposed than ever but this time alone in a sprawling, barren vista of snow. There has been an ominous tone from the start of Season 4 and nothing in Cardinal’s dreams do anything to soothe those feelings. With the case essentially broken the race is on to save Raj and Mina from Scott. Delorme and Cardinal will inevitably come face to face with him and how that plays out will set the tone for the series finale.

It’s bittersweet to think that Cardinal is down to its last episode. Consistently excellent with tense scripts, wonderful acting and top notch production in a perfect world the series would continue on. Unfortunately the world is far from perfect so instead of lamenting what won’t be now is the time to enjoy what we have left with Cardinal, Delorme and the gang.