Review: Better Call Saul 505 – Dedicado a Max

Giancarlo Esposito as Gustavo “Gus” Fring – Better Call Saul _ Season 5, Episode 5 – Photo Credit: Greg Lewis/AMC/Sony Pictures Television

Better Call Saul 505 – Dedicado a Max

Rehabbing his injuries out of town gives Mike some perspective on just how expansive Gustavo Fring’s grip on things can be. Nestled somewhere far from home, Mike receives medical attention for his injuries and round the clock care. Although he wishes to return home, his injuries prevent him from leaving. While he’s free to go he’s really a prisoner. Not just to his injuries, but to Gus and what he wants from him. Ironically Kim Wexler is in the same situation as Mike.

Dedicado a Max, named after the location Mike is convalescing, offers a look at the parallel journeys Kim and Mike are on. While their paths may not seem similar at first, upon further inspection the connections become clear. Gus needs Mike for his operation to be successful so he will do anything to keep him alive. Mesa Verde on the other hand needs Kim’s services to secure the land for their new call center. Even though Kim has reservations about doing the company’s bidding, including getting Jimmy to represent Everett Acker who is holding up the deal, Kevin won’t let her go. Kim’s regret at pushing Acker off his land is akin to Mike having to kill Werner. Both Werner and Acker need to be eliminated for the business deals of a crime lord and a financial institution to run smoothly.

Dedicado a Max has several humorous moments with the majority of the comedy driven by Jimmy’s conga line of schemes to delay Mesa Verde’s construction plans. Ultimately though Kevin’s resolve to fight Jimmy derails any gains he may have made to keep Acker in his home. Another result is Kim being pulled deeper into the gambit with a potential face off with Jimmy sometime down the road. The question surrounding Kim and Jimmy’s eventual split has never been addressed but this may be the first steps towards that.

Kim’s motives for her actions raise a few eyebrows, but like Mike she is at a crossroads. They both have the opportunity to choose a path that is more to their benefit but it may also lead to their downfall. They both get words of wisdom from those above them and while Richard’s advice is entirely to Kim’s benefit Gus’ motives are more selfish. While Gus is in a war, Richard is trying to keep Kim out of one.  The decisions Kim and Mike make will have long lasting repercussions on their future. We know how it turns out for Mike. Kim’s fate however, has yet to be revealed.