Ouija Possession is Not Meant to Be Played With

When I was a kid, one of my favorite places to go was the local Toys’ R Us that wasn’t too far from my house. One day I had gone into the board game aisle and saw a peculiar game that was on the shelves. It was called Ouija and I looked it over and tried to figure out what this game was and how to play it. As I read more on the back of the box I saw that this was a tool to contact the spirit realm and ask them questions. However, part of me wondered what if this tool was used and managed to contact someone or something evil? This is the setting of the latest movie from Wild Eye Releasing called Ouija Possession.

This movie is set in a house where six friends are hanging out and are trying to figure out what to do next. A few suggestions are tossed around and the group settles on an old Ouija board that they have found. They try to see if they can summon up a spirit to talk to and they do find one by the name of Jonah. However, this spirit is a vengeful one as he was murdered and now the teenagers are in grave danger. Will they be able to survive the night and the murderous spirit or will they succumb to its twisted desires? All I can tell you is that this is an entertaining film with a few twists thrown in for good measure.

Outside from the various trailers that are promoting other Wild Eye films there are no special features.  Which is a shame as I would love to see how this film was made and some of the insights from the staff. If you are a fan of spiritual horror you need to check out Ouija Possession and for more info on this and other films head over to https://www.wildeyereleasing.com/ and remember don’t play with old Ouija boards.