Criminals and Zombies Collide in Call of the Undead


What if you found yourself in the middle of a zombie apocalypse? Who would you team up with to survive? Would you be able to do whatever it takes to survive this oncoming apocalypse? This is the subject matter of the latest film from Wild Eye Releasing entitled Call of the Undead.

Call of the Undead takes place in the city of Taiwan and the city is under the rule of the mob. The SWAT unit that was summoned to roust control from the crime element in the city is caught in the middle of a chemical accident. This chemical accident however, makes the citizens into bloodthirsty zombies. With the growing outbreak of the zombie hordes the SWAT must team up with the criminals in order to survive. Will anyone make it out alive or will all of them fall to the undead hordes. This film is dubbed into English as this was a foreign film however, the dubbed version isn’t that great and it reminds me of watching those bad martial arts movies on Saturday afternoon.

The only bonus features included in this movie are trailers for other Wild Eye releases and that’s it. One thing I would have loved to have included would be English subtitles with the original voice track. This way I could enjoy the movie instead of having to listen to the horrible English dub. If you love zombie movies and want a unique premise definitely check out Call of the Undead. For more information on this and other films head over to and get ready to survive in a zombie apocalypse.