Nintendo Switches Newest Upcoming Game: Super Smash Bros


Smash Brother fans everywhere are going a little starry eyed as their favorite game is finally confirmed for the Nintendo Switch. That’s right gamers, Super Smash Brothers is coming to your newest handheld consoles and new fights are waiting to be had.

This information was brought to us from the Nintendo Direct broadcast that occurred today, and came like a bolt of lightning near the end of the presentation. Details are completely sparse about the upcoming game, from when it’s dropping to what characters will or will not be included. Though at least two new character we know will be included in the game, that being an inkling girl from Splatoon and a Link from Breath of The Wild.

As you can see from the trailer the Ink Girl is showcasing some of the typical Splatoon abilities, from shooting ink to swimming through it, thus giving us the idea that her in game abilities will be similar in nature. Beyond that, and the dark silhouttes of Mario and Link, we weren’t able to garner any other information from the trailer.

But who cares guys – Super Smash is coming, and I will destroy all my friends sometime soon with Link and Donkey Kong.

Just make sure to watch for it on the horizon.