New Life-Size C-3PO from Sideshow Collectibles

Thursday May 26, 2022 – Programmed for etiquette and protocol, and fluent in over six million forms of communication, the fussy, nervous, and worrisome protocol droid with the designation C-3PO™ is not a likely candidate for acts of heroism. However, alongside his stalwart companion R2-D2™, C-3PO has found himself at the forefront of the action in many pivotal moments in galactic history.

Sideshow’s latest luxury Star Wars collectible is an incredibly detailed and highly realistic C-3PO Life-Size Figure! This fan-favorite protocol droid stands an impressive 6’2” tall, and is situated on a Millennium Falcon™-inspired display base that mimics the ship’s flooring and circuitry details.

C-3PO’s signature shining gold exterior is meticulously weathered and worn to match his on-screen appearance. The arms of the C-3PO Life-Size Figure are articulated at the shoulder joints and can be rotated to change up his posture. The magnetic restraining bolt can be removed from his torso.

The C-3PO Life-Size Figure also comes programmed with a randomized voice track feature. He can recite a number of iconic lines from his adventures through the Skywalker™ saga using the remote control provided. His eyes also include a light-up function that can be activated via a button on the back of his head.


Fans and collectors can pre-order the C-3PO Life-Size Figure now, via