Microsoft Shows Off the Future of Xbox Series X


So with the reveal of the PlayStation 5 lineup of games a few weeks ago we all were wondering when we were going to hear anything from Microsoft about their newest console which they have dubbed the Xbox Series X.

We didn’t have to wait long.

This hour long video started off with a bang with a full nine minutes of Halo: Infinite footage showing off the graphics and game-play of the latest entry in the Halo universe. This may be the tipping point for people who were on the fence about buying the latest console or not. From there we went into a trailer for the latest in the zombie survival genre with State of Decay 3. This game looks amazing as it looks to challenge the player further by adding zombified animals to the mix.

But it doesn’t stop there as they showed off the latest entry in the Forza lineup with Forza Motorsport. I am not one for racing games but even with this entry I am tempted to pick up a controller and start playing as it looks simply amazing. Rare also showcased their latest title called Everwild and I don’t know about you guys but I am just happy to be getting a new Rare game! We also got announcements for Ori as it will be remastered for the Xbox Series X as well as an expansion for the Outer Worlds called Peril on Gorgon. Obsidian also showed us other games that they’re working on called Grounded which looks like a Honey We Shrunk the Kids brought to a video game as you fight to survive in a giant backyard. The other called Avowed is going to be an epic first person RPG that is going to be built from the ground up.  We also had trailers for some narrative driven games which are Tell Me Why and As Dusk Falls.

Doublefine showed off their latest trailer for Psychonauts 2 and the game looks absolutely breathtaking. If you were a fan of the original you need to check out this latest release! We also got a trailer that I wasn’t expecting from a company called Game World. That’s right folks. We are getting another Stalker game! Stalker 2 is going to be taking place deep in the heart of Russia as you scour the wasteland for artifacts trying to make a name for yourself. The game looks wonderful as I remember playing the original and sinking many hours into exploring the zone.

We also got an exclusive look for a console exclusive game based on the Warhammer 40k universe. Taking the role of Imperial Guardsmen investigating what happened in one of the Imperium’s hives will you be able to turn back the Dark Tide? The next game brings back a classic that you can play either solo or with friends so get ready for Tetris Effect Connected. Another game coming from the creators of Steamworld has you exploring worlds dealing with a dark substance known as The Gunk. Medium has you play as a psychic as you cross between worlds trying to figure out what’s going on.

Phantasy Star Online was a game that I played with my nephew on the Dreamcast and now it’s getting a new release on the Xbox Series X! Be on the lookout for New Genesis Phantasy Star Online 2 coming next year in 2021. Crossfire X also got a single player trailer as the game as you step into the shoes of Luis Torres. With the aid of a special suit of armor you will take on the forces who are trying to destroy the world. And the last teaser trailer was for a game that we are all familiar with as we are going back to the world of Fable. What’s best is that they hinted that there’s more to come!

Are you excited for the Xbox Series X and will get one at launch or are you going to wait? Let us know as we love to hear your thoughts!