Marvel Unleashes Werewolf by Night Trailer


During the 1970’s Marvel unveiled a bunch of new horror themed superheroes to their audience. Most people have heard of Ghost Rider, Blade and Morbius but there was another hero that not a lot of fans might know and that is Werewolf by Night. This series focused on a man who could transform into a werewolf and it also featured the first appearance of the iconic Moon Knight. Now the folks over at Marvel have given us a trailer straight from D23 as we are getting a Werewolf By Night series!

The series focuses on a bunch of hunters however, one of them is a werewolf. Which one and what will happen throughout the series is anyone’s guess. We will not have long to wait as this series is slated to debut on October 7th.

Are you a fan of this series or will you give this show a pass? Let us know by commenting below!