How To Improve the Internet Connection for Your Gaming Setup

How To Improve the Internet Connection for Your Gaming Setup

When it comes to gaming, having a strong internet connection is a crucial component of any setup. Obviously, it’s most important for multiplayer games. However, even if you’re more into single-player ones, you still need a fast connection to download the latest game you bought in a reasonable amount of time. Regardless of your gaming preferences, knowing how to improve the internet connection of your setup will come in handy at some point down the line.

Restart Your Modem

We know this first step is an obvious one, but just like tech support, we need to start with the most likely source of the problem: you haven’t restarted your modem in a while. Out of all the electronic devices in your home, none work quite as hard as your modem. Shutting it down every so often gives it a chance to refresh and come back stronger than ever.

Update Your Router

If that doesn’t fix your issue, then your connection issues are a bit more complicated. A good place to start is by checking your router’s software and firmware. There’s a good chance it requires an update. Many new routers will do this automatically these days, but it’s still worth checking to see if that feature is on. If not, then a fresh update might be just what your connection needs.

Move Closer to the Source

Once you’ve confirmed that your modem and router are fine, moving closer to them is the next course of action. Being multiple rooms away from the source of your connection is a rookie mistake. Wi-Fi has improved quite a bit in recent years, but it still struggles to go through multiple walls. You can either move your setup to the room your modem is in or bring it to your gaming room. Whichever you choose, cutting the distance will make a huge difference.

Used a Wired Connection

Easily, the best way to improve your internet connection for your gaming setup is to use a wired connection. No matter how strong your internet is or the quality of your router, nothing is as consistently reliable as a wired connection. Don’t try to argue against this one—wired is simply the superior option.

Upgrade Your Internet System

If a wired connection still isn’t cutting it, you might need to upgrade some of your components. A stronger modem might do the trick, but if you live in the country or a large apartment complex, your connection might be dying out before it even reaches you. In those cases, an Ethernet extender will help make sure your internet strength lasts longer when making its way to your modem. Just make sure you know that not all Ethernet extenders are created equally.

Avoid Peak Hours

Our final piece of advice to you is to simply avoid peak hours if nothing else has worked for you. In populated areas, everyone has to fight for their slice of the internet pie. If you wait until the majority of people have finished using it for the day, you’ll notice a significant performance increase on your end.