Last Saturday, Andrew Thomas co-creator of AURIC of the GREAT WHITE NORTH, officially launched the premiere of his monthly book!! The event was specifically held at Gotham Central Comics & Collectibles. The owner of the store willingly wanted to give Andrew a push in all the right directions by setting aside this day in his honour and by promoting like crazy!!


I had the opportunity (and pleasure) to review the mini-comic last May. Click on this for a reminder. Mr. Thomas has been independent the last 3.5 years since I’ve known him, perhaps even longer. At any rate, he re-released the ‘same issue’ in August (as a zero issue given a second printing designation) with two new pages of content. Those particular pages ended up being a sneak peek to what is currently in my hands.

Mr. Thomas, along with his collaborator Davis Dewsbury, went the Kickstarter route on December 1, 2015. The duo succeeded in attaining the funds necessary to make this issue see the light of day with sixty-six backers and over $2,800 CDN. Well done, gents!! What a way to ring out the New Year!!


Andrew was at Gotham the entire day drawing sketches, chatting with customers, educating the masses on his work, and pushing his product!!


Guest artists who provided variants for this title were on hand: Oliver Castañeda, Shane Kirshenblatt, and Mike Rooth. This triumvirate is impressive as individuals. They accommodated several requests but were genuinely referring their fans to Mr. Thomas.


My support in this is not just personal. I know Andrew extremely well. I’m thrilled that he was able to distribute his labour of love to the common folk like myself. Anyone who can break off on his own and make a unique concept materialize gets two hands in the air. I promised him a review (before the end of this week) along with an interview once Mr. Dewsbury can travel from the frigid far reaches of Timmins to the warmer climes of Mississauga.

I ask that you all do the same as me: buy this book and read it!! Spread the word. I bought four of the five covers. I vow to get the Kickstarter variant in the near future 😉


Hit the Great North Comics website. RRROOOAAARRR!!!

Great North Comics logo 2

Oh yeah, the back cover of AURIC #1 is this exact image. Go figure ;-P

Gotham Central ad 2015 feat. Deadpool