Humble Bundle Offers Huge Haul of Dynamite Comics


Cozy Up This Weekend With a Huge Haul of Comics

Almost 12,000 Pages Available for Just $18 on Humble Bundle Now!

Spooky Month is over, folks. Your friends at Dynamite hope you had a fantastic Halloween. Be sure to share with us if you dressed up as any characters like Vampirella, Red Sonja, Billy Butcher, Elvira or others – we love to see that! And we’re also wishing you a great weekend.

But also! Here’s our friendly reminder to check out this titanic Humble Bundle deal we have running right now. It’s filled to the brim with stellar comics from all kinds of genres and creators, all celebrating our 15th anniversary as a publisher. A huge thanks to all the fans who have gotten the bundle already too!

It’s only running for a while, so grab it up and kick back this weekend to enjoy! – Dynamite 15th Anniversary Bundle

Best of all, it’s also benefiting a great charity in the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. This great organization fights for the rights of your favorite creators when faced with censorship or worse.