How To Preserve Your Trading Card Collection

How To Preserve Your Trading Card Collection

Collecting can be a rewarding and satisfying hobby, but once you start to amass a large enough collection, you’ll need a way to protect and organize your cards. Failing to do so may result in your cards becoming damaged and losing their value—especially since cards aren’t the sturdiest objects in the world. Here are a few tips on how to preserve your trading card collection.

Protective Measures

Because trading cards can be pretty vulnerable, you’ll want to take protective measures for your cards that will shield them from external threats. Protective sleeves are always the go-to to protect individual cards from stains, water damage, humidity, and more, making them a priority the moment you take home your first card. However, protective sleeves don’t do much to protect them from physical damage, so you’ll want to get your collection an effective storage container. Binders and boxes are both viable options to choose from.

Storage Location

Where should you keep your collection? The key to protecting your cards is finding a place that’s cool and dry. Humidity and heat are your enemies because they will warp your cards. Furthermore, if you expose them to sunlight, the colors of your cards will eventually fade. Your attic or basement will likely be the safest place for your collection to live, provided the climate is consistent and ideal for the protection of your cards.

Displaying Your Cards

Of course, showing off and comparing your collection with other hobbyists is half the fun of collecting! Learning how to preserve your trading card collection is moot if you never get to see and enjoy them. There are a variety of card holders that will safely preserve the condition of the card while allowing you to display and enjoy it, such as acrylic displays. Most protective displays will also include UV resistance and acid-free protection so that the colors or autographs on your cards don’t fade.