Guillermo Del Toro Tells Scary Stories in the Dark


When I was going to Public School back in Staten Island we would occassionaly have these things called Book Fairs. These book fairs were designed to do one thing and that was to get you to spend money. As I was getting into horror at the time that was the one subject I tried to find at these fairs. However, most of the subjects were either the old monsters or a collection of “ghost stories” that were really not that scary.

Years later back when I was going to high school I had a period that was considered a free period and I would spend it either in the computer room playing games or at the library. As I was looking for some new titles to read I came across a book called Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. At first I was intrigued by the title of the book and the cover was haunting to look at. I knew this wasn’t just a general children’s book as the art looked horrifying as this black bordered tome was in my hands. Some of the tales were just bone chilling and the imagery that accompanied the stories was just haunting to look at.

During the Superbowl 4 mini trailers dropped for the movie that is going to be released this August! And the best part is the person in charge of delivering these nightmares to us is none other than Guillermo Del Toro! These four miniature ads can be seen here all in one compilation and I have to say it looks amazing!

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