Get Ready to Step Back into…The Twilight Zone


When people think of Sunday most people think about time with the family or a day to just rest and relax. However, around this time of year people associate it with football and the last game being the Superbowl. I watched the game and I can say I was incredibly bored with it as I really didn’t care who won either way. The main reason I was watching the Superbowl then?

The commercials.

And frankly I was hoping for something I haven’t seen or heard in awhile. During one commerical break it looked as if they were coming back early and then it was… different. It was glitching and then it said CBS WAS OFF THE AIR. You saw the stadium empty as the lights started to turn off, the field losing it’s football markings as a solitary figure strode onto the field. The commercial plays out with a series of bizzare images as this figure is walking on the field and then we see it…

We see the Twilight Zone vortex we are all familiar with.

Then we see the figure and it’s Jordan Peele as he’s stopped in front of an open door. He goes through it but doesn’t come out on the other side.

“What dimension are you even in?” He asked before going through the door.

We are getting a new Twilight Zone series hosted by Jordan Peele and to say that I have goosebumps is an understatement! The show is going to be streaming exclusively on CBS All Access starting April 1st (on April Fools day? Nice touch!) But with this ad are you excited for this reboot or are you dreading it? Let us know as we want to hear what you think!