Get Ready to Survive in Assassinaunt

The depths of space can be dangerous and deadly to people who are not trained for it. Imagine if the government had selected a group of four kids to go into space. What happens if something went horribly wrong? Would these kids be able to survive or would they die under the threat of an alien world? This is the setting of the latest offering from Epic pictures entitled Assassinaut.


Assassinaut takes place in the future where an extra-terrestrial threat has invaded the earth as the rest of humanity tries to rebuild. Four teenagers have been chosen for a special mission on the Presidential space station that is in orbit above an alien world. However, when an assassin comes onto the station with a bomb it sparks a massive evacuation. The four teenagers band together as they try to find the president while being chased by an unrelenting assassin. Will they make it off this alien world or will they all die under an alien sky. All I can say about this film is that I loved it and I also loved that there was a lot of practical effects used in this film. It was like a throwback to the 80’s classics that I loved to watch on a lazy Saturday afternoon.

There are also a few special features that are on the disc including eight deleted scenes that range from a slow motion shot of the kids walking to Sarah shooting at some of the hallucinations. Interviews are on the disc including Writer/Director Drew Bolduc as well as two actors who played Sarah (Shannon Hutchinson) and the Commander (Vito Trigo). The last two features are a red band trailer as well as a short film entitled “Dental Association.” 

If you want to experience a great sci-fi / horror romp then you need to check out Assassinaut and for more information head on over to and get ready to survive on an alien world.