Get Ready to Go Back to the Overlook with FYE’s The Shining

I can remember sitting in a darkened theater watching Ready Player One and at first chuckling at the scene where Aech has never seen The Shining. And then I remembered something as well. I too have never seen that movie in its entirety, only in bits and pieces here and there. Now the folks over at FYE have made a new version of this iconic movie on steelbook and we are going to check this out together.

The images that grace the front and back covers as well as the insert are scary enough to put you in the mood to watch this film. The front of the book sports the simple wooden door with the words “redrum” scrawled in blood. The rear cover sports the famous Jack Nicholson grimace as he is outside looking to murder his family. An axe going through a door with a terrified Shelley Duvall looking in horror as her husband is trying to murder her and her son completes the packaging.

For those that haven’t seen The Shining it centers on Jack Torrence and his family as they are going to a hotel called the Overlook to look after it during the off season. However, as he meets the caretaker, who is going away on vacation, he notices that the son named Danny has a special gift to communicate with people telepathically called the Shining. This movie is definitely worth a watch as it was one of Kubrick’s masterpieces and you can see that he was trying to get every shot exactly right.

As for the special features the pickings on this disc are a bit slim although you can watch the film remastered in glorious 1080p. The sound options are also upgraded to the 5.1 dolby digital sound and you will experience every orchestral score and scream in a way that you have never before. There is also an audio commentary with historian John Baxter and Garrett Brown who is the inventor of the stedicam. One featurette is on the disc hosted by Vivian Kubrick and it shows how Stanley had the vision to create the masterpiece known as The Shining.

If you wanted to get your very own copy of The Shining you can click here to order it. Remember if you order 2 or more steelbooks they have a promotion currently running that gives you 20% off your entire order. For more information on exclusive merchandise that you cannot get anywhere else head over to and remember that all work and no play makes jack a dull boy.