Get Ready for Halloween with FYE’s Trick ‘R Treat

There have been a few movies that I have been excited to see just on the trailer alone but none of them can compare with the movie Trick ‘R Treat. This anthology seemed to grab me since I saw the initial trailer and when it failed to release in the theater I was worried that we would never get a chance to see it. Thank god I was proven wrong and the film was finally released to fans everywhere and now FYE is releasing an exclusive new steelbook so lets take a peek of what treats are in store for us.

First lets look at the art on the steelbook and it is fitting for the movie as the front of the book has a menacing image of Sam standing there with his lollipop knife. The back cover has a closeup of Sam unmasked showing off his terrifying visage and the interior has the red riding hood character as well. These images will get you in the mood to watch the movie as well as make it a great addition to your collection.

For those that haven’t seen the movie Trick ‘R Treat is an anthology along the lines of Creepshow where there are stories revolving around Halloween night. However, unlike some of the other anthologies all the stories are linked as they happen within a certain neighborhood and you can see certain characters and creatures cross over from tale to tale. Without giving too much away I can tell you that the silent protaganoist that is featured throughout the movie is Sam. Clad in a homemade Halloween costume we see him in every story as he will be blending around trick or treaters in one story or just sitting idly by watching events unfold in another one. This is a film that you can watch in October and I have a tradition of watching this film at least once during that time.

But that’s not all as there are a few special features that will keep you going long after the movie has ended. There is an additional commentary track with the producer Michael Dougherty as well as additional scenes that didn’t make it into the movie. Another feature they have is a comparison of the special effects of the school bus shot and that is impressive to watch. Also, there is an animated short called Seasons Greetings and a featurette finding out how some of our scariest traditions were started. All in all this is a great version of this film so if you haven’t seen it or you have seen it a thousand times you might want to get this version.

If you wanted to get a copy for your very own collection you can check out the link here and right now FYE is having a sale of 20% off when you buy two or more steelbooks online. And to check out some of the other great exclusives check out and remember to keep your jack-o-lantern lit.