FYE Reanimator Steelbook Will Make Your Friends Green with Envy

The first time that I was exposed to Re-Animator was in the early 1990’s when I had gone to conventions back when I was living in Staten Island, NY. I had come across this movie at the convention and went ahead and bought it when they showed a trailer for it. Now the folks over at FYE have released an exclusive steelbook of this title and I am here to tell you more about it.

The first thing I wanted to cover was the steelbook itself and it is gorgeous. It has a sickly green painted cover with the image of the good doctor Herbert West on the front. The back is a collage of nightmare fuel showing the severed head of the dean and some mummified bodies. And this piece of artwork was done by the incredibly talented Michael Griffin. This alone is worth the price of admission and would make an excellent addition to your shelf whether you were just wanting the release or getting it for the new sickly green artwork. Not to mention that this is a limited edition of this steelbook so if you want to get one you need to get on that now before these are gone forever!

If you have never seen Re-Animator it revolves around Dr. Herbert West as he is trying to figure out life’s little secrets. He has a moved to Miskatonic university as a medical student as he was in Europe studying medicine. The reason he has come to this university is because there was nothing else for him to learn there and he wanted to see if he can bring people back from the dead. As the film goes on you can see all of the nasty little twists and turns and instead of me spoiling it for you lets just say by the end of the movie you are left with a sickly feeling that this is not the last we will see of Dr. Herbert West.

However, the disc itself is no slouch as this is the Arrow blu-ray release of Re-Animator! Yes you heard right! There are tons of features on this thing ranging from a complete restore of the film along with mono, stereo and dolby 5.1 surround sound treatment. There are three audio commentary tracks one with just Stuart Gordon himself and the other with him and Jesse Merlin and Graham Skipper who star in the musical version of Re-Animator. The last one is with not only Jeffery Combs (who plays Dr. Herbert West) but with Brian Yuzna as well! Also, there are four special features ranging from Re-Animator Resurrectus which chronicles the making of the film to Theater of Blood which covers the music behind this amazing movie. Extended scenes as well as a deleted scene along with trailers, stills and a copy of the screenplay are some of the rest of the amazing goodness that you can find on this blu-ray.

If you want to get one of these steelbooks for your very own you can go here to order one and remember if you order 2 or more you get 20% off your order! This is an amazing addition to anyone’s collection whether you are a new fan or have seen it hundreds of times. For more information on this and other products that FYE has to offer go to www.fye.com and remember that death is only the beginning.