Face Your Fears in Extremity

Halloween has come and gone as people have flooded to many a haunted attraction to satisfy their fears. However, for some going to your local haunted house is not enough to scratch that itch. Some of the fans need more scares and something more to satisfy their craving and out of that extreme haunts were created.  These haunts put people through some of the most horrifying scenarios and most of them border on torture. The folks over at Epic Pictures along with Dread Central have created a new experience called Extremity but will this satisfy your haunt itch?

The film centers on a female protagonist named Allison who has signed up to be included in an extreme haunt named Perdition. She even states that she is doing this of her own free will but why is she here? What are some of the things that are going to happen to her and others that enter this haunt? This is the premise of the film and without giving anything away I will say that it is a film that is sick and twisted and quite satisfying to watch! Believe me when I say that this is an extreme film and the tag line is “A mind is a terrible thing to break.” And trust me when I say that it is and one of the scarier thoughts? These haunts really do exist. There are people who will pay for the privilege of being put through these experiences and there is one haunt that no one has ever conquered.

There are a few special features on the disc that can be explored after you are done with the main attraction. Extreme Talk is an interview with the director, Anthony DiBlasi who has worked on other films such as Last Shift and The Midnight Meat Train. Simon Sayce also worked on this film and this was the last film that he worked on and there is a tribute to him on the disc. He not only created the masks that were used in the film but also created the makeup and even the puzzle box in Hellraiser. Deleted scenes, outtakes, a short film called Fatal Bleeding as well as the trailer for the film round out the rest of the features on the disc.

If you are a fan of haunted houses, extreme haunts or psychological terror then you need to check out Extremity. If you wanted to get a copy for yourself or for someone who loves horror you can go here to get one. For more great films make sure to visit https://epic-pictures.com/ and get ready to enter the hell of Perdition.