Cowboys with Murderous Intent in Lasso

Growing up in Staten Island I remember seeing an ad for a frontier town that was somewhere in the wilds of New Jersey. This attraction touted that there was a wild west town, cowboys, a stunt show and more. It was called Wild West City and it is still there to this very day but I always wondered what if things went wrong? What if you went to one of these attractions and you couldn’t leave? This is the premise behind the new film Lasso released by Epic Pictures and Dread Central Films.

The film centers around Simon and Kit who are two leaders of an Active Senior Tour group as they are visiting a small town rodeo that is setup in a faraway location. The day starts out amazing as the group wanders around the fairgrounds, taking in some of the shows at the rodeo and just having a great time. Everything is good until they try to leave and they are prevented from doing so as the cowboys prove to be a murderous bunch on the hunt for the most elusive prey… man. Simon and Kit wind up joining forces with a female bull rider, a one armed cowboy and a rodeo queen. But will they be strong enough to escape these killers or will they succumb to these sadistic ranch hands? All I can say is if you love horror strap yourselves in and get ready for a great film as Lasso does not disappoint.

There are a few special features on the disc as well including extensive interviews with the cast and crew. There is also a directors commentary track for the film if you wanted to hear their insights into making Lasso. Deleted scenes and the trailer round out the special features which are slim but will give you a bit more enjoyment out of this release.

If you love westerns and horror then you need to check out Lasso as it blends both into a package that will have you ready and rarin’ to go to the rodeo. You can purchase a copy for your very own right here. And for more great films be sure to check out and remember a good old rodeo never hurt anyone.