Dark Regions Is Having a Paperback Grab Bag Sale

Horror comes in all forms whether it is podcasts, comics or movies each of these are amazing on their own. However, for me one of the best mediums has to be the written word as your imagination fills in the blanks with whatever horrors lurk between the pages. One of the better companies has to be Dark Regions Press as they have had tons of exclusives that are usually signed by the authors.

And right now the folks over at Dark Regions Press are having a grab bag sale!

This grab bag sale encompasses all of the paperbacks that are currently in print and you can score from 3 to 13 books. For the low price of $27 you can get 3 books however, if you spend $97 you will get 13 books along with a $10 gift card as well! Also, there are going to be a few collectibles that are sprinkled among these grab bags so you might get more than just books in these bags. And seeing as most of their paperbacks are around $14-24 or so believe me when I tell you even if you manage to the small grab bag you will get your money back.

If you are interested in purchasing your own grab bag you can go here and for more great titles head over to darkregions.com and get ready to find out what’s in the bag.