Alluhwi Comics Becomes the Caribbean’s First digital Comic Book Distribution Platform

Introducing Alluhwi Comics; the Caribbean’s first digital distribution platform for comic books

Caribbean comic books will become more accessible and affordable with the launch of Alluhwi Comics – the region’s first mobile distribution platform for comic book literature. This innovative digital service will be free for creators interested in distributing their content via the platform.

“Alluhwi Comics is completely free to indie creators,” says founder Marc R. D. Gibson, who also created Barbados-based comic book publishing company, Bolt from the Blue Entertainment. “The only requirements are that creators are Caribbean nationals. It doesn’t matter if they are living in the region proper, or in the diaspora. Persons will only be able to submit if they are the owners of the content, or if they have the legal right to publish said content,” Gibson added.

The app platform, scheduled for open beta rollout in May will be available for Android and HTML5 devices, allowing for new and existing comic book fans to read the works of Caribbean creators directly on their mobile devices.

While the initial beta will offer content for free, the Alluhwi Comics founder plans to introduce a subscription payment system. Gibson shared, “In exchange for a low monthly fee, basically the price for a single Spider-Man comic, fans will get full access to a range of amazing titles that they can read how they like, wherever they like. The subscription fees will go toward the support and growth of the platform and to provide revenue to the comic creators.”

Among the comic creators already signed on to distribute their work on the digital service are Matthew Clarke (Heartman), Nigel A. Lynch (All Shades of Grey) and Trinidadians Chris Riley (Mango Chil’ren) and Nigel Carrington (Ananci).

Gibson added that his fellow comic book creators have been highly supportive, and have no trouble seeing the value of such a digital distribution platform.

Gibson, who is the author of the graphic novels Bridgeland: Vol. 1 and its sequel, believes that the work of his fellow creators is the equal to content from the wider industry. He believes comic books have gone from niche to enjoying mainstream appeal in a decade and there has never been a better time for Caribbean talents to be recognised and enjoyed.

The inspiration for the name, Alluhwi Comics, comes from a blending together of the familiar Caribbean phrase, “all of we”.