Dare to Spend the Night in Haunted Hospital Heilstatten


When I am on YouTube I see a lot of videos that deal with the subject of urban exploration. These videos have people going into abandoned areas to explore and see what is going on. Sometimes these people go into areas that are reportedly haunted and record the footage and put it up on the site. Granted there are times where these people don’t find anything but sometimes they find someone or something that is out of place and run away screaming. What if you went with your friends to a place that was haunted? Would you be able to spend the night? This is the setting of the latest movie called Haunted Hospital Heilstatten from Well Go USA.

This movie focuses on a YouTuber / video blogger by the name of Marnie. Her channel is devoted to overcoming your fears however, she doesn’t have a lot of followers as of yet. She hears about a group that is going to go on a tour of a hospital that is haunted in Brandenburg, Germany. She is joined by three other vloggers Betty, Finn and Charly who want to explore the place as well along with their tour guide, Theo. This is one of those found footage films so you will experience a lot of jittery camera work as the characters experience something that does not want them at this hospital. The one thing that is really creepy for me is that Heilstatten is a REAL place. It was a TB clinic / Sanatarium back in the days before the second World War and then it was turned into a military hospital. This film captures the creepiness of people going where they should not be as they explore the abandoned buildings.

There isn’t a lot of meat on the disc by the way of special features and you can listen to the movie either in English or in German with English subtitles. There is also a trailer for the film but that’s about it. I would have loved to have seen a making of featurette or a spotlight on the hospital but those are not on the disc.

Haunted Hospital Heilstatten is a good found footage movie that you should check out if you love horror. For more information this and other films head over to wellgousa.com and get ready to face your fears in Haunted Hospital Heilstatten.