Amalgama expands the Danger Doll Universe with her own sci-fi series!

Previewed in her own book this Halloween ComicFest 2018, the antagonist of DANGER DOLL SQUAD: GALACTIC GLADIATORS, Amalgama, returns in this new Danger Doll Universe series. Inhabiting a body with the combined powers of DollFace, Vampblade and Zombie Tramp, Amalgama is traveling to Earth to get her revenge against the three lethal ladies who left her for dead!

This solo debut will be a big step in expanding the popular Danger Doll Universe to new cosmic levels, while also providing more from the concepts that fans already know and love! Written by DANGER DOLL SQUAD writer and VAMPBLADE creator Jason Martin, Martin explains what makes this new series so much fun: “When the Danger Dolls left the villainous genetic manipulator Amalgama for dead, after also pretty much destroying her world, they thought they could go back to their lives on Earth and put their whole cosmic misadventure behind them. What they didn’t know was that Amalgama was actually a chest dwelling symbiotic creature that then took control of a mash-up of their bodies, and is now using it to  scorch a bloody path of chaos and destruction across the galaxy straight to them! Their combined powers, weaponized, incentivized, and pointed at Earth!!”

For unstoppable sci-fi action, check out the first gonzo issue of DANGER DOLL SQUAD PRESENTS AMALGAMA LIVES!, which will be in stores this February 2019. The next big Danger Zone series starts here, with covers from some of the series’ hottest artists each issue (each with their own risqué variant as well), featuring an issue 1 variant from Zombie Tramp and DollFace creator Dan Mendoza!


Writer(s): Jason Martin
Artist Name(s): Winston Young
Cover A – Winston Young Cover (unlimited)
Cover B – Winston Young Risqué Variant Cover (limited to 2500)
Cover C – Marcelo Trom Artist Variant Cover (limited to 1500)
Cover D – Marcelo Trom Artist Risqué Cover (limited to 2000)
Cover E – Dan Mendoza Variant Cover (limited to 1500)
Cover F – Dan Mendoza Risqué Cover (limited to 2000)

32 pgs./ M / FC                   $4.99