Chapterhouse Changes The Game With $1.99 Monthly Issues And Trades For Under Ten Bucks!

Toronto-based comics publisher Chapterhouse Publishing has announced a new pricing structure for its Chapterverse range of superhero titles, with every monthly comic priced at $1.99 US, and all trade paperback collections priced at $9.99 US!

The new $1.99 price point applies to all Chapterverse titles in 2018, including Captain CanuckFantomahFreelance, and The Pitiful Human Lizard.

Check out the first ten pages of Freelance season 2 , issue one HERE.

Watch Chapterhouse CCO Jay Baruchel talk about why fans should check out the Canadian publisher.

“All comic fans are faced with a choice every Wednesday on how best to spend their hard-earned money,” says Chapterhouse publisher Keith WTS Morris. “We want to make giving our Chapterverse books a try an easy choice to make. Chapterhouse is determined not to let price point be a barrier into our world of comics.”

Chapterhouse founder and CEO Fadi Hakim says that the new price really makes sense for the fans. “We’ve become big enough to receive a sizeable savings from our printer, and in turn, we’re passing on that savings to our retailers and readers. You can now get our entire universe for between four to six dollars a month!”

Chapterhouse is creating an accessible superhero universe with heroes for every kind of reader, from the classic adventure of Captain Canuck to the horror of Fantomah, and from the humour of Pitiful Human-Lizard to the globetrotting action of Freelance. A low price point is key to Chapterhouse’s commitment to accessibility.

“We are beyond psyched to be providing a whole new generation of comics fans top quality storytelling at literally half the price of our competitors,” says Chapterhouse Chief Creative Officer Jay Baruchel. “Our goal is to entertain you with the best possible stories populated by the richest characters. Life is expensive. Comics shouldn’t be.”

The $1.99 initiative kicks off in January 2018 with the second seasons of two of Chapterhouse’s most acclaimed titles; Freelance, starring gay superhero Lance Valiant, and Fantomah, featuring a revival of the Golden Age horror icon. The $1.99 price also applies to the new 2018 seasons of Captain CanuckPitiful Human-LizardFallen SunsNorthguard, and two new titles to be announced next year.

The $9.99 trade paperback price will apply to the entire Chapterverse line, including Captain Canuck: AlephCaptain Canuck: GauntletCaptain Canuck: HarbingerThe Pitiful Human-Lizard: Far From LegendaryThe Pitiful Human-Lizard: Still Pretty PatheticFreelance: Angel of the Abyss, and Fantomah: Up From The Deep.

Chapterhouse offers a publishing model unlike anyone else in comics. All Chapterverse titles run in four-issue seasons, and each season stands on its own, with no crossovers or stunts. Each $9.99 trade paperback collection will be released and distributed through Diamond Books before the next season begins, so it’s always easy for readers to catch up without breaking the bank. Chapterhouse wants to take the headaches and the high cost out of being a superhero fan!

Freelance Season 2 #1, from creators Andrew WheelerJuan Samu, and Vaneda Vireak, is available from Diamond with the order code NOV171472. Fantomah Season 2 #1, from creators Ray Fawkes and Soo Lee, is available from Diamond with the order code NOV171474.