Can You Survive Hell Fest?

Halloween is a time of year where the days get shorter and night closes in quicker as people adorn their houses with ghoulish decorations. At this time of year there are many haunted attractions that either open for the first time or re-open to legions of wanting fans. What if there was a place where you could experience all this horror in a theme park setting? Now imagine there was one of the actors in the park that was not an actor and he has his sights set on you? What would you do? Find out in this review of the latest Lionsgate blu-ray that is entitled Hell Fest.

Hell Fest first takes place at a haunted attraction called Orange Grove Community Fair Horror Night as a group of girls make their way through the haunted attraction. As they are scared by one of the costumed actors they are separated and one of the girls finds herself at a dead end. But before she can turn around she is stalked by a masked figure and she recalls this person stalking her the entire night. In a flash the masked figure stabs the girl, kills her and leaves her as a prop in the haunted attraction. Cut to present day as Natalie arrives at her best friend Brooke’s apartment to surprise her. However, Brooke has a surprise of her own as her roommate, Taylor is someone that Natalie does not get along with. The three girls along with Quinn, Asher and Gavin meet up at an event called Hell Fest. Hell Fest is a giant collection of haunted attractions designed to scare people as they navigate their way through the park. As they make their way through the park, Natalie notices a masked figure following them and she gets a feeling that this person is not part of the attraction. What happens next is a series of events as the six people will fight for their very lives against this masked killer. Will anyone make it out alive? Watch this and find out!

The special features on the Hell Fest blu ray are a bit lacking as you have the theatrical trailer of the movie along with some other other offerings from Lionsgate. There is also a featurette called Thrills and Kills: The Making of Hell Fest. This great featurette shows how this film came to life and there are interviews with the cast and crew as well as one of the producers which is Gale Ann Hurd (who has worked on The Walking Dead). This sixteen minute feature shows where it was shot and how they created the mazes and environments for the film.

If you love slasher films, Halloween or haunted attractions then you need to check out Hell Fest. For more information on this film head over to and remember it is easy getting in but it is hell getting out!