Can Dollman Save the Universe by Killing It?

Full Moon Pictures has always given us such great characters from Dollman to Puppet Master. Each of these stories are amazing whether they were one off creations such as Blood Dolls or Head of the Family to recurring features such as Trancers or Killjoy. The folks over at Full Moon wanted to start making comics and started off with a limited series called Dollman Kills the Full Moon Universe. But is this limited series a good read or should you go ahead and watch some of the classics on DVD?

The first issue kicks off with Brick Bardo aka Dollman as he goes up against the demonic toys as well as the head of the family and the gingerweed man. Each of the stories are amazing and I am not going to spoil any of the surprises but lets just say that Dollman is dead set on carrying out his mission to destroy the evil in the Full Moon universe. The second issue has two stories with him going up against Castle Freak and the icons of the Full Moon Universe Puppet Master. Each of these stories are amazing as the Dollman continues his own reign of justice across the lands of the Full Moon Universe. By issue three he is teaming up with Doctor Mordrid against evil and there is a backup story featuring the Creepazoids and the action goes into deep space where you might not hear them scream but you’ll see them bleed. As we go into the fourth issue we see Brick not only tackle the creeps in Hideous but the killer clown that takes no prisoners – Killjoy! Issue five is jam packed with tons of great fights as Dollman takes on not only the Creeps, Killer Eye, Seed People, Dr. Alien, Ragdoll and even The Gingerdead Man! However, by the end of the fifth issue another person appears and with that and the last issue they wrap up the entire storyline. How does it end? Get your own copies to find out!

The stories were written as a collaboration between Brockton Mckinney and Shawn Gabborin . The art was done by various artists including Daniel Pascual, Jason Strutz, Abel Cicero and Dan Fowler just to name a few. One of the things I love about this series is there were a series of fake ads selling things based on the Full Moon properties. From roleplaying games to Saturday morning cartoons are some of the great fake ads presented in this comic and some remind me of the ads I used to see when I was a kid.

If you are a fan of the Full Moon universe you need to check out this series. Issues 1-5 should be out now and the last issue drops on Janurary 23rd. And this is just the tip of the iceberg from Full Moon Comix as they say they have more surprises in store. For more information on what’s coming next or to buy your own issues direct head over to and get ready for Dollman going up against the entire Full Moon universe.