Bring Some Geek to the Holidays With NECA!


As the holiday season approaches, finding the perfect gift for the collectors and enthusiasts in your life can be a rewarding yet challenging task. Fortunately, the National Entertainment Collectibles Association (NECA) has you covered with a curated Holiday Giving Guide. NECA is renowned for its high-quality collectibles, action figures, and replicas that cater to a diverse range of fandoms. Whether your loved ones are fans of movies, TV shows, video games, or comic books, NECA has something special for everyone.

The first entry is amazing as it a replica from the 1989 Batman movie that includes a batarang, grapnel launcher and communicator. This retails for $135 and can be bought from the link above. For the fans of the Chucky series there are two ways you can go. The first is if you want to go big as there are 1:1 replicas of both Chucky and Tiffany from the Bride of Chucky movie. These figures stand 30 inches tall and have an inner articulated armature so you can pose them however you like. These are $400 each but you can see the amount of craftsmanship that went into each of these dolls.

However, if you want a smaller version of the maniacal doll then you are in luck! Straight from the Chucky TV Series Season 1 this seven inch doll is the stuff that nightmares are made of. Each of these dolls comes with 15 points of articulation and multiple heads, hands and accessories and this is a steal at $34.99!

If you are a fan of bad horror movies then you have probably heard of the mistress of the dark known as Elvira. Now the lass has her own holiday themed 8″ figure that is a must have for your horror collection. This set has not one but TWO figures as you get Elvira dressed in holiday attire but a creature that is stirring as this monster is dressed in a holiday apron cooking up who knows what. Throw in a bunch of accessories such as a bloody mary and a naughty list complete with a quill and you have a great gift anyone would want. You might have to pre-order this one but at $59.99 this is a great gift!

For the fans of the 1990’s show Dinosaurs there are not one but TWO figures to choose from. You can get either the dad Earl Sinclair or the Baby (gotta love me!) as each of these 7″ figures comes complete with props and are fully articulated. And each of these comes in great packaging for the low price of $36.99 each!

For the fans of the green machine NECA has you covered with the 1/4 cartoon version of Michelangelo as this figure stands a whopping 15″ tall and has nearly 30 points of articulation along with four interchangeable top and bottom face plates to allow you to give this turtle a variety of emotions and rounding out the accessories are of course his iconic nunchucks, extra hands, a slice of pizza and a communicator that actually opens and closes! This amazing turtle can be put under the tree for $124.99.

If you saw the amazing prequel called Prey you would know it took place 300 years ago on how Naru fought and won against a foe that was twice her size. This Ultimate Feral Predator can now be yours as this 7″ detailed figure comes with a full compliment of weaponry including spears, shields and the mask along with interchangeable hands and mandibles. This predator can be in your stocking for the low price of $36.99

And that is a SAMPLE of the amazing deals that NECA has as they have more from KidRobot, Chia Pet and the Clapper (including a Christmas Story lamp!), Star Wars props from Denuo Novo and a few costumes to get you into the holiday spirit. For more information on this and a slew of amazing great ideas for Christmas head over to and get ready to make your geek happy this Christmas.