Add Some Madness to Your Christmas with Zenescope’s Holiday Guide


November for most people means colder weather, Sunday morning football (for those of us on the west coast) and Thanksgiving and with that is a reminder that Christmas is right around the corner. A lot of people haven’t thought about the upcoming holiday, however if you are and you’re starting to break out into a cold sweat, relax. We here at Comix Asylum have your back and we are working on a series of Holiday Guides to satisfy even that hard to buy friend or family member. We start with a company that loves to add a twist to the classic fairy-tale and that is Zenescope. Here are some suggestions for those who appreciate their tales dark.

For the art lover on your list you can’t go wrong with the newly released Cosplay Calendar that features the art of Paul Green. This calendar has twelve months of iconic Zenescope characters dressed in their favorite outfits from movies and television shows. And this is affordable at $20 as you will have great art that you can cherish throughout the upcoming year. However, if you want to push it over the top you cannot go wrong with the Snow White Sela Mathers statue. This is limited to 1750 pieces and features her in a great pose done by Jason Cardy. This can be yours for only $84.99 but you better order now as these are going to sell out quickly and there is a black and white version available as well.

Have a friend that has a lot of loose comics and no way to store them? Check out the Comic Folios that Zenescope has to offer and they come in two styles: Grimm Fairy Tales and Van Helsing. This is a great way to store and show off your comics and at $15.99 each they are a great stocking stuffer or last minute gift.

Have a fan of the X-Files or someone that loves to read conspiracy stories on the net? Then you need to check out Conspiracy: Illuminati New World Order trade paperback. This collects all five issues of the comic and once you read this you might not look at the world the same ever again. This compilation will run you $19.99 making it perfect for those who love to watch the skies (or the government).

For fans of the Van Helsing television show that is currently running on SyFy, check out the graphic novel entitled Van Helsing: Sword of Heaven. Collecting all six issues of the limited series this is a great tie-in that is written by the legendary Chuck Dixon (who has written for Batman, Punisher and the Bane: Conquest series). And you can surprise the Van Helsing fan of the house for only $19.99

There are many fans who love horror movies and series such as American Horror Story or Tales from the Darkside and Zenescope has a few options for those horror hounds. For the ones that love fantasy mixed in with horror you cannot go wrong with the Revenge of Wonderland trade paperback. This collects all six issues of the series dealing with Calie who had escaped the nightmare Wonderland but needs to go back in to stop a new evil and it can be yours for $19.99. For a more contemporary take on horror you can’t go wrong with Paradise Court that collects all of the issues of this five issue series. This wonderful hardcover graphic novel can make a horror fan’s nightmares come true at $24.99. And last but not least we have the Grimm Tales of Terror Volumes 2 and 3 that are available in hardcover format. These issues compile each of the entire volumes in one easy to read tome and each of these stories take urban legends and translates them into unique stories. You can surprise the horror fans on your list at $39.99 for each volume but they will make them scream with delight.

For those on your list who love dark and twisted futures you need to check out The Courier: From the Ashes graphic novel. Eighty years in the future most of humankind has been wiped out by a virus that was man made. This virus not only wiped out a huge portion of the population but, spawned a new species as well. Surviving cities have turned into fortresses that keep the monsters at bay and the only ones that go between cities are the couriers. This can satisfy the post apocalyptic fans on your list for $19.99.

When I was a kid, I loved to color as I found it not only relaxing but a creative outlet as well. Now you can get someone special on your list a coloring book as a stocking stuffer or get a few for that perfect gift. These range from Alice in Wonderland, Grimm Fairy Tales, The Little Mermaid and even Belle: Beast Hunter. And each of these books has tons of images that you can color and some have up to 46 images! These books will not break your bank as they weigh in at $12.99 each!

For the teenagers on your list there are a few great titles that you can introduce them to the Zenescope universe. The first is the Belle: The Beast Hunter graphic novel and this collects all six issues in one easy to read volume. Go on adventures with Belle as she struggles to keep the world safe from not only vampires and other monsters but corrupt governments and ancient organizations as well. Another great title has to be Day of the Dead as it follows Mary Medina who has the ability to control the dead. However, she doesn’t know that a secret order wants her power and will stop at nothing to get it. Each of these volumes can be bought for $19.99 and make the perfect gift for teens and those young at heart.

And last but not least what to get the young readers on your list? Two words. Princess Ninjas. It follows three adopted sisters Megan, Elyce and Bridget who are summoned to help protect a kingdom that is under attack. Along with their sidekick Turtle-Bear they find out that being a ninja isn’t about fighting and using cool magic. Sometimes it’s about sticking together and finding out who your friends or family really are. And this can satisfy the youngest on your list for only $10.99.

So there you have it folks! This is just a primer for some of the great things that Zenescope has to offer, so make sure to check them out at .