5 Tools That Every Cosplayer Should Have

5 Tools That Every Cosplayer Should Have

Cosplay is a wonderfully creative hobby to get into. This craft combines art, performance, fashion, and an opportunity to meet and interact with other like-minded people. For some, cosplay is just for fun, while others may turn it into a lucrative business opportunity. No matter what reason you have for wanting to make and wear costumes of your favorite characters, here are five tools that every cosplayer should have at their workstation.

Measuring Tape

When constructing costumes, you always want to have measuring tape around. Whether you’re measuring a mannequin, model, or fabric, it helps to have this tool around. A general rule is always to measure twice before cutting because you can always double or triple-check your measurements, but you only get one shot at making cuts.

Needle and Thread

Sewing is one of the most significant aspects of cosplay. Many people who turn this craft into a bigger hobby invest in a sewing machine for more demanding costumes, but it’s always smart to have a needle and thread around to reattach buttons or fix small tears. After picking the right zipper for your costume, a needle and thread will be an excellent way to attach it or other essential fasteners.


You won’t get very far in your cosplay journey without a good pair of scissors. Many hobbyists recommend having different pairs for cutting various materials, such as a dedicated pair of fabric scissors and a separate one for cutting through foam or thread. Cutting your material into workable pieces is a smooth process when you have the right pair of scissors.

Hot Glue Gun

A hot glue gun is one of the tools that every cosplayer should have. Strong, fast-drying glue is perfect when working with plastic, foam, or other materials that you want to connect but don’t have time to hold together for long periods. Hot glue is essential when crafting accessories and other ornamental pieces for your cosplay.


You may not need a respirator for every single project that you work on, but it’s a tool we recommend having at your workstation. If your project leads you to work with strong glues, spray paints, or other chemicals, having a respirator may protect you from any potentially hazardous fumes. Remember to work in a well-ventilated area.