Zen Monkey Studios Brings the Merch to NYCC

Zen Monkey Studios is thrilled to reveal its con exclusive designs for this year’s New York Comic Con! ZMS will be set up at New York Comic Con at booth #1865 from Thursday, October 4th to Sunday, October 7th!

While we will be bringing over 150 of our fantastic collectible evergreen pins, we will have 22 exclusive pin products and 10 exclusive shirts available at our booth only! Here’s what you need to know:

  • Get riggidy riggidy wrecked with this year’s RICK AND MORTY con exclusives! We’ll be bringing a Rainbow Chrome Rick and Morty head, limited to 500 pieces each and retailing for $10. We also made a  Pizza Pickle Rick pin for New Yorkers, pizza fans and rats everywhere, limited to 750 pieces and retailing at $10. We will also have a set featuring a mega-sized hard enamel Toxic Rick and Morty coming out from a manhole and a C137 subway pin for all our New Yorkers out there. The set is limited to 750 and will be sold for $20.

The Toxic Rick and Morty will also be available as a con exclusive shirt, limited to 350 pieces! Our other con exclusives include foil Evil Morty (limited to 400) and foil Rick (limited to 350). To round it all off we have a retro Rick design, with the Rick figure being glow in the dark and the green trail having a glitter finish, limited to 350 pieces. All shirts will retail for $25.

  • We’re thrilled to announce we have official MEGALOBOX pins! Get a piece of the action from the breakout hit anime of 2018. We will have Golden Joe and Golden Yuri pins, limited to 500 pieces each, and our Gearless Tattoo hard enamel pin, limited to 350 pieces. They will all retail at $10 each.

  • We are thrilled to announce that we are now offering merch for LUPIN THE THIRD: PART 5! We’re kicking things off with our limited edition con exclusive Golden pins for all the main characters: Lupin, Zenigata, Jigen, Fujiko, and Goemon. Each pin will retail for $10.

  • AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER fans rejoice! This year we’re bringing three pin sets with characters and designs from Book 1, Book 2, and Book 3. Each set features 3 hard enamel pins against a gorgeous 4X6 art print that can be kept as a collectible piece of art! Each set is limited to 350 pieces and will be sold for $30 each.

  • THE LEGEND OF KORRA fans, we’ve got merch for you too. This year we’ve developed a beautiful hard enamel animatic pin set featuring Korra in various stages of animation and airbending. Three pins sit against a 5X9 art print meant to be saved, making this item a fantastic collector’s piece. The set will retail at $30 and is limited to 350 pieces.

  • Both Korra and Aang will also have Avatar State shirts, each limited to 300 pieces and finished with blue metallic foil. They retail at $25.

  • Cowabunga! We’ve got fantastic offerings for our favorite NYC Turtles this year. Retro game fans will love our Arcade Turtles Set, featuring 5 pins of our heroes in action, based on the classic arcade game. The pins are set in an art print meant to be saved, which makes this a fantastic collector’s item! The sets are limited to 750 pieces and will retail at $45..

  • Each turtle will also have their own 3D Golden Pin, limited to 500 pieces each and retailing at $10.

We will also have red metallic foil Shredder and Raphael shirts, each limited to 300 pieces and retailing for $25.

  • SPONGEBOB takes on NYC with our New York Starter Set! Featuring SpongeBob as the Statue of Liberty, Patrick as a tourist, and both as superheroes, this limited edition set is the perfect way to begin your SpongeBob Collection! This set is limited to 500 pieces and retails at $25.

We’ve got shirts too! These limited edition Mind Controlled Spongebob and World Domination Zim shirts have shiny green metallic foil, and retail at $25 each. Both designs are limited to 225 pieces each!

  • Everyone’s going to need something to carry their mountains of ZMS treasures, and we’ve got you covered! Buy over $35 worth of merchandise and receive this complimentary Rick and Morty tote bag to carry all your NYCC swag. First come first serve and limited to 2500 pieces. One per customer.

  • First 1000 customers will also receive one free Zenkey pin to collect!