Xbox and Bethesda Team Up at This Year’s E3!

E3 usually has its fair share of surprises and this year did not disappoint as we found out that we were getting a livestream with not only Microsoft but Bethesda as well! So without any further introduction lets go over what was covered at this year’s E3.

Bethesda came out of the gate swinging with a teaser for their newest IP, Starfield. The trailer states that this game has been 25 years in the making and it shows. The game looks amazing as it shows the interior of a ship and it looks like a REAL ship. The teaser ends with a date of 11-11-22 which is when it will be released and it will only be available on Xbox.

The next trailer is the latest entry in the Stalker universe called Stalker 2: Heart of Chernobyl. It shows a bunch of characters hanging around a campfire as they ask him how it went. The trailer goes into a backstory and shows the combat and dreaded anomalies that plague this land. The visuals are amazing and this title is going to be optimized for the Xbox Series X. Look to go back to the heart of Russia on April 28th, 2022.

For fans of the Left for Dead series people have been listening to your outcries for more as Warner Brothers games is coming out with Back 4 Blood. Designed by the same people who came up with Left 4 Dead this brings back co-operative gameplay against hordes of monsters ranging from just straight up hordes of zombies to giant monsters that can crush you with barely a thought. Fight together or die alone as Back 4 Blood gets released on October 12th this year just in time for Halloween!

Next we were treated to an exclusive game that is billed as a co-op open world as we are given a tour of a garage. The game title comes up as Contraband and this looks like it’s going to be an interesting title.  Rare teased us with an update for Sea of Thieves and it looks like we are going into the Pirates of the Caribbean universe with Jack Sparrow! EA recently teased us with a five minute trailer for their latest Battlefield entitled Battlefield 2042. In this stream they showcased gameplay online with up to 128 players. Let that sink in. 128 players on a massive battlefield putting every other game to shame! Players will not have that long to wait as this game is going to be released on October 22nd, 2021!

Last E3 we were hinted at an interactive fiction adventure where a man was caught in a time loop called Twelve Minutes. This game is finally getting a release date of August 19th, 2021. So will you be able to figure out how to get out of this trap? We also got trailers for Psychonauts 2 and an expansion to Fallout 76 dealing with expeditions to the Pitt. After a trailer for Elder Scrolls online we were treated to another party game called Party Animals. This looks like it is going to be in the same vein as Fall Guys and looks like a blast to play. This will be released sometime in 2022 so get ready to party!

If you love games that deal with invasions then get ready to go to Somerville. This game puts you in charge of a family that is trying to survive in a world where something otherworldly is trying to destroy them. This game will be released in 2022. Next, Microsoft showed off Halo, one of it’s core titles and announced that Halo Infinite will have an amazing campaign however, multiplayer will be free to play! Yes you heard right! You can go online and play with your friends for the low price of free and this is going to be released later this year.  Blizzard dropped a trailer for a classic that is going to be remastered and that is Diablo II. If you have never played this game before you are in for a treat and this game is set for a 9/23/2021 release date. 2022 will see the next installment in the Plague Tale universe with Plague Tail Requiem. Far Cry 6 is going to take place in a war torn Caribbean island known as Yara. This paradise is ruled by a ruthless dictator known as Castillo and he will do anything to keep himself in power. You will play as Dani Rojas as you will try to overthrow this corrupt government n any manner you wish. Far Cry 6 is going to be available October 7th 2021.

One of the games that people have been wondering about is a game by Mundfish called Atomic Heart. Set in a crazy alternative Russian universe you will do whatever it takes to survive. However, they STILL have not given us a release date for this game but trust me when I tell you this will be worth the wait. A really interesting side scroller taking place in some type of futuristic society called Replaced will be released in 2022 and this will be one to watch out for! Trailers were announced for Among Us, Grounded, Eiyuden Chronicles Hundred Heroes, The Ascent and Age of Empires IV.

Microsoft Flight Simulator has been around for ages and now it is getting an overhaul with a variety of planes you can fly from single engine racing planes to giant airliners. See the world as the sky is calling available July 20th, 2021 on the Xbox Series X|S and Windows 10. This is going to include a free expansion based on the upcoming Top Gun movie and that will be released this fall! The amazing racing game known as Forza is going down south…South America that is! Forza Horizon 5 is going to be racing on the Xbox One, PC and of course the Xbox Series X|S available on November 9th of this year! We also got a look at a new game being released Summer 2022 called Redfall as you and your friends will be hunting creatures of the night. The trailer looked amazing and I for one cannot wait to experience this game!

And there you have it! That was a look at all the great games coming out for this year and next on the Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. What was your favorite game? Let us know as we love hearing from you!