Where Will Kitty Go in Die Kitty Die Heaven or Hell #0

In the last series of Die Kitty Die the series rounded out with someone shooting and killing Kitty! Now the series is picking up with Die Kitty Die Heaven or Hell #0 but will you need to read this to get up to speed or is this really an zero issue?

The first story is set when Kitty and their pals were kids and we can see that there is a rivalry between Grimmy and Derek as they are trying to win over Kitty. The hijinks ensue and without spoiling it I will say that Grimmy needs to keep his hands to himself.

The second story is the meat of the comic. A eulogy is taking place at a comic book shop and Derek the warlock shows up demanding to know who killed his ex-wife. When he gets no answers from the shop he figures that he has to go to the land of the dead and get some answers. He manages to sneak in and he eventually finds Kitty but when he asks her who shot her she has no idea. She didn’t see who it was so she can’t give Derek any information. And when Grimmy shows up even more problems arise as Derek and Grimmy’s rivalry is still strong to this very day. What will happen to Kitty? Will she be judged? Find out more in this issue of Die Kitty Die Heaven or Hell #0.