We Get a Release Date on Modern Warfare 4!


For those that have either loved or hated the Call of Duty series the thoughts always go back to the last release and how horrible it was. No single player campaign and people saying that it wasn’t important and all that. However, there have been more than a few of us who want to experience grand vistas and a compelling experience in a single player campaign.

And today we got our wish

Today the Call of Duty Modern Warfare trailer dropped and it is EVERYTHING that fans have wanted and more. It looks as if we are bringing back the old gang as we see an old ‘Soap’ McTavish in the field going dark to take out targets. We are then treated to a whirlwind of images set around the world as I am getting flashbacks to the original Modern Warfare.

Not much else is know about this however, we DO have a release date! Modern Warfare 4 is set to release on October 25th, 2019 and I for one cannot wait.

What do you think about this release? Do you think this entry is going to be the best in the series? Let us know as we love to hear what you think!