Top 10 Rogues Galleries in Comics: #9 Iron Man

We have heard the phrase every hero needs a villain but there are some heroes that have a higher caliber of villains than others. So who in both the DC and Marvel universes have the best villains? We’ve collected a list of the top ten rogues galleries in comics today and our list continues with Iron Man at number 9.  

#9: Iron Man

Tony Stark, being a man of considerable means as well as a founding member of the Avengers, has amassed his fair share of villains over the years. Iron Man’s rogues gallery features corporate threats, armoured villains, criminal masterminds, and even an alien dragon.

Businessmen such as Justin Hammer (Armor Wars) and Obidiah Stane (Iron Monger) have either made or donned armours to kill Iron Man over the years. When his Wall Street rivals aren’t gunning for the armored Avenger threats like Titanium Man, Crimson Dynamo and Whiplash weren’t far off.

Criminal masterminds like Madame Masque added some international intrigue to Stark’s adventures but none rival his arch enemy, the Mandarin with his ten power rings.

Add the fact that the Mandarin also helped usher the giant dragon Fin Fang Foom into Iron Man’s world and it’s easy to see why he tops Shell Head’s list.

Tune in tomorrow for our pick for number 8 on Comix Asylum’s list of the Top 10 Rogues Galleries in Comics.