Top 10 Rogues Galleries in Comics: #7 Green Lantern 

We have heard the phrase every hero needs a villain but there are some heroes that have a higher caliber of villains than others. So who in both the DC and Marvel universes have the best villains? We have collected a list of the top ten rogues galleries in comics today and our list continues with Green Lantern at number 7. 

#7 Green Lantern

Who in comics can claim an ex-girlfriend, a former colleague and a collection of foes that span several galaxies as members of their rogues gallery? None other than Green Lantern, that’s who. While there are several Green Lanterns to choose from, we’re going to focus on Hal Jordan for this piece.

Carol Ferris, as Star Sapphire, has tried to kill Hal for years, and he’s had several deadly encounters with members of the other Corps including Larfleeze and Atrocitus

Sinestro may be Green Lantern’s arch enemy and most iconic foe but Parallax and Nekron deserve to mentioned in the same breath. Parallax was responsible for transforming Jordan into a villain for several years and Nekron’s attempt to bring order to the universe in the Blackest Night miniseries is one of the highlights of Green Lantern’s storied history.     

Tune in tomorrow for our pick for number 6 on Comix Asylum’s list of the Top 10 Rogues Galleries in Comics.