Tips for Setting Up a Classic Gaming Room

Tips for Setting Up a Classic Gaming Room

Retro gaming is coming back in a big way. From the reemergence of home arcade cabinets to the popularity of the NES classic, what was old is now new. And you can create a dedicated part of your home to take advantage of this. Look below to discover essential tips for setting up a classic gaming room.

Invest in the Right Hardware

You have a few different options when it comes to retro gaming. You can stick with a high-end laptop or PC that can run older Windows- or Mac-compatible games. That way, you can play games at their maximum settings without experiencing any hiccups.

Another option is to find old consoles like Nintendo 64s, PS1s, Dreamcasts, and SNES. You just need to ensure they’re already in good working order. If you feel like you have the skills, you can also fix consoles that aren’t functioning. Additionally, there are official (and legal) emulator consoles that the original companies have put out. These have set numbers of games on them. Some examples are the NES Classic and the Sega Genesis Mini.

Grab an Older TV

You can get all the right conversion cables to plug those outdated RGB cables into your modern-day 4K TV. However, many of the games and consoles work better with older screens. The designers had those screens in mind when making the games. For example, most developers made games for 4:3 resolutions. Most recent TVs use 16:9.

Another issue with new TVs, particularly 4K versions, is latency (the time delay between input and output). Most televisions have a high latency, which can degrade the gaming experience because you want your input to react instantaneously in the game.

A great solution is to use a CRT television that uses a 4:3 resolution. This way, you can avoid problems with black bars or latency. You’ll also recreate what the games looked like when they first came out. If you’re concerned about some CRT machines’ enormous size and weight, you should look for slimmer and lighter versions.

Remember That Older Devices Are Delicate

You should store older consoles and devices at room temperature and keep them away from severe conditions, such as direct sunlight. Otherwise, you risk warping or ruining the components. Additionally, the area around your devices should have good ventilation so that they get proper airflow and stay clear of dust.

If you’re using original cables and accessories, check to see if they’re damaged or degraded. There are many risks involved with using damaged cables, such as your console malfunctioning or a fire erupting from sparking wires. Since many older wires deteriorate over time, you may have to buy an adapter or converter.

With these tips for setting up a classic gaming room, you’ll be able to boot up and play all your old favorites just like you used to. You can also get creative with the actual design of the space if you consider yourself a decorator or know someone who can help you.