The Weirdest Career Simulator Video Games Out There

The Weirdest Career Simulator Video Games Out There

Games allow you to do things you may have otherwise found impossible. From saving the world from terrifying creatures to flying to the farthest reaches of space, it’s all possible in the world of games. They allow you to live out the fantasy of stepping into another role. But sometimes, you just want to play a game where you live out a regular nine to five job with some of the weirdest career simulator video games out there.

Papers, Please

Papers, Please is a border guard checkpoint simulator. Citizens, workers, and tourists all want to come into the country of Arstotzka, and it’s your job to double-check their documents. It starts with making sure passports aren’t expired and that the photo matches the face, but it ramps up as the game adds more documents and subtle changes.


Late last year, players entered the town of Providence Falls. The protagonist, Meredith, goes to her old hometown to take over her father’s job as a mail carrier for two weeks. Like you would in real life, you ensure mail arrives in one piece. As you grow closer to the townsfolk, you fall in love with this small town by a lake.

No Umbrellas Allowed

Sometimes a mundane job is enhanced by a fantastic setting. No Umbrellas Allowed is a pawn shop simulator. People bring in items to sell; you haggle prices, buy things, and set the cost to sell them back to make a profit. The game is set in a gorgeous sprite-based futuristic city and has some interesting plot twists.

Coffee Talk

Being a barista at a coffee shop might not seem like one of the weirdest career simulator video games out there, but Coffee Talk manages to stand out. For one, your coffee shop is only open at night, attracting the people who need respite from the crazy Seattle streets. Secondly, many of your clients are fantasy-based. A mermaid makes her own video game, and a werewolf needs a special drink to keep his humanity. The characters you make drinks for are memorable, and you’ll have a great time hearing their stories.

High stakes and fast-paced action are always fun in video games. Sometimes a relaxing experience with character growth and engaging world-building over the seemingly mundane is memorable.